Wireless chargers. What’s inside

All wireless chargers contain a signal generator and an emitting coil. I took two wireless chargers for analysis, one deppa and the other unnamed The deppa charger contains an STM8S003…

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How to test SI5351 using Arduino

The SI5351 generator can be controlled using Arduino. To do this, connect the SCL SDA and the generator power to the Arduino board. In the Arduino IDE, search for the…

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SI5351.Programmable any frequency CMOS clock generator

The Si5351 is an I2 C configurable clock generator that is ideally suited forreplacing crystals, crystal oscillators, VCXOs, phase-locked loops (PLLs), andfanout buffers in cost-sensitive applications.Based on a PLL/VCXO +…

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Circuit breaker. What’s inside

A circuit breaker is an electrical safety device designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overcurrent. Its basic function is to interrupt current flow to protect equipment and to…

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LC filter for electric motor

Inside the radio control car on the electric motor I saw such an LC filter The filter contains a 100n capacitor in parallel with the motor and two 4 μH…

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Repair of on-board computer TF100 from Kugoo m4

On my Kugoo m4pro electric scooter, the TF100 on-board computer stopped turning on. This happened after the wires going from the computer to the control unit became short-circuited. I fixed…

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How a computer mouse works and what’s inside

A computer mouse is an input device that is used to control the cursor on a computer screen. It allows the user to move the mouse pointer across a surface…

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LCD thermometer from aliexpress

I bought a digital thermometer with a humidity sensor on Ali. I was attracted by its price. Measures temperature from -50 to +110 C with an accuracy of +/- 1…

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Adapter Huntkey HKA0458205-8B

Adapter huntkey HKA0458205-8B.Input 100V-240V  Output 8.2V 5A. MOSFET FQPF10N60C PWM chip OB2268CP Schottky diode MBR20H100CT-E1

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SONY KV-29FX66K.Circuit diagram

TV tuner-BTF-EC411(10) CXA8070AP;LM318N;LM358N;LM393N;STV9379;SDA9488X;VSP9402A;MSP3411G;CXA2100AQ;JRC4558;CXA1875AM; MCZ3001D;07N60C2 (2); 2SC5696;P5NB40;P5NB40FP;IRF614;2SC2688 (2); SAA5665HL/M1/0359;K6F2008V2E-YF70;24C16; SMD:"6A" "YS" 8A" "04" "45S" "AR" "MU"  SMD diode: "5D" "E2"

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GA-8IPE1000.Circuit diagram

motherboard GA-8IPE1000 Powered By EmbedPress PHB66NQ03LT (3) PHB96NQ03LT (3) ISL6556BCB;GD75232;HIP6601bcb ICS952635AF;49LF002A;CHN K319; FW82801EB;APM3054N; FAN1655; SL722  RG82865PE; IT8712F-A

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AN22023  chip 626/688A SMD "T17" "G4" "C5" "A556S" "AFQ" "K1" MN103S89FDA  29LV002NCBTC-70G R2S30201FP SMD "BB6"

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TV Changhong H29D80.Circuit diagram

Tuner TDQ-5A6M TDA8844-I2C-bus controlled PAL/NTSC/SECAM TV processors   TDA9178  HEF4053 S3P8849XZZ AQB9 TDA7057AQ audio amplifier TDA9859 Universal Hi-fi Audio Processor For Tv. TDA 8350Q DC-coupled vertical deflection and East-West output…

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MSD3663LUA-processor QH64A-104HIP- Serial Flash memory SMD "347L" AACOS"  Rafael R842-tuner SMD "C3/641"  "W1A" chip DACAC SMD "M4F" CS37AD2AEO-3W Dual Dhannel AB+D Audio Amplifier 

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Delta GPS400A B rev01F

Delta GPS400A B rev01F W9NK90Z (2) UC3843B 2SK3767 STPS2045CT (3) STPS20S100CT DWA102 Delta MP1301

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Gigabyte GA-7VA,rev1.0

Gigabyte GA-7VA rev1.0 Mosfet 70N03S(4) 15N03L(2) MHAG T11C IT8705F D686 BIOS Phoenix (Winbond W49F002UP12B) ICS93738AF ALC650 5091MTC GD75232 SMD "702"  "1P"  LM393D 15N03H(1)  APL1084  SMD "D1T14" RT9173 FDD6530A(1) diode PJ2D;PJ31;…

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