The PS9817A-1 and PS9817A-2 are active-low type high-speed photocouplers that use an AlGaAs light-emitting diode on the input side and a photodetector IC that includes a photodiode and a signal…

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 Zero-ohm link or zero-ohm resistor

If you see an electronic component on the board with the designation 000 or 0, then be sure that this is a regular jumper or a resistor with zero resistance.The…

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Variable capacitor.How it works and how to check it

Variable capacitors were used in radio receivers to tune into radio stations.As a rule, an inductor was connected to the capacitor, and by changing the capacitance of the capacitor, we…

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Z0103NN.Triac 4Q 800V 1A.Datasheet

• Direct interfacing to logic level ICs• Direct interfacing to low power gate drive circuits• High blocking voltage capability• Planar passivated for voltage ruggedness and reliability• Surface-mountable package• Triggering in…

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KMOC3021 (cosmo3021).Triac driver photocoupler

- Pb free and RoHS compliant- 400V peak blocking voltage- Simplifies logic control of 115 VAC power- Non zero voltage crossing- Isolation voltage between input and output (Viso:5300Vms)

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Thyristor TF361M.600V 3A.Datasheet

Repetitive peak off-state voltage: VDRM=200, 400, 600VlAverage on-state current: IT(AV)=3AlGate trigger current: IGT=10mA max

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