SM5301BS.3-channel Video Buffer with Built-in Wideband Filters.Datasheet

The SM5301BS is a video filter LSI with buffered outputs for VESA-standard ATSC digital TV. The filteremploys a 5-order Butterworth lowpass filter configuration. The filter characteristics have been optimized forminimal…

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AN16028A.Chip from TV

This chip was used in the Panasonic TH42PV8 plasma TV

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TDA8357J.Full bridge vertical deflection output.Datasheet

The TDA8357J is a power circuit for use in 90° and 110°colour deflection systems for 25 to 200 Hz fieldfrequencies, and for 4 : 3 and 16 : 9 picture…

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M62501P.PWM IC for the synchronized deflection system control

• PWM output synchronized with external signals • Wide pulse width modulation control frequency 15kHz to 150kHz • Soft start function • The under voltage output malfunction protection circuit start…

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LA7840.Vertical deflection output.Datasheet

The LA7840 is a vertical deflection output IC for TVs and CRT displays with excellent image quality that use a BUS control system signal processing IC. This IC can drive the direct (even…

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TDA6107.Video output amplifier.Datasheet

• Typical bandwidth of 5.5 MHz for an output signal of60 V (p-p)• High slew rate of 900 V/μs• No external components required• Very simple application• Single supply voltage of…

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MSP34116.Sound processor dolby surround.Datasheet

The MSP 34x1G family of single-chip Multistandard Sound Processors covers the sound processing of all analog TV-Standards worldwide, as well as the NICAM digital sound standards. The full TV sound…

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SDA9488.Picture in picture ICS.Datasheet

• Single chip solution:– AD-conversion for CVBS or Y/C or YUV1), multistandard color decoding, PLL forsynchronization of inset channel, decimation filtering, embedded memory, RGB-matrix, DA-conversion, RGB/YUV switch, data-slicer and clock…

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VSP9402.Scan rate converter and color decoder

– Integrated video matrix switch• Up to seven CVBS inputs, up to two Y/C inputs, • Three CVBS outputs (Y/C inputs signals are com-bined to CVBS output format)• 9 bit…

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CXA2100.Circuit diagram

you can see such a chip on the boards of old televisions

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SAA5665.TV microcontroller.Datasheet

Enhanced TV microcontrollers with On-Screen Display (OSD) • Single-chip higher frequency microcontroller withintegrated On-Screen Display (OSD)• Versions available with integrated Data Capture• Both active HIGH and active LOW reset pins• OTP…

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STV9379.Vertical deflection booster.Datasheet

Designed for monitors and high performance TVs, the STV9379 vertical deflection booster delivers flyback voltages close to 90V.The STV9379 operateswith suppliesup to 42Vand provides up to 2APP output current to drive the yoke

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TDA9859.HI-FI audio processor.Datasheet

Universal hi-fi audio processor for TV • Multi-source selector switches six AF inputs(three stereo sources or six mono sources)• Each of the input signals can be switched to each of…

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TDA9178.Color,vector,spectral TV processor.Datasheet

YUV one chip picture improvement based on luminance vector-, colour vector- and spectral processor  Picture content dependent non-linear Y, U and V processing by luminance histogram analysis• Variable gamma control• Adaptive black…

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TDA8350Q.Vertical deflection.Datasheet

DC-coupled vertical deflection and East-West output circuit • Few external components• Highly efficient fully DC-coupled vertical output bridgecircuit• Vertical flyback switch• Guard circuit• Protection against:– short-circuit of the output pins– short-circuit…

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