SE717 magic color

Besides the ADC, LVDS, and scaling part, an MCU is embedded as well. All of them are integrated into one chip.

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GM5221.Integrated Multimedia LCD Controller.Datasheet

The gm5200 family devices are an all-in-one LCD monitor controllers supporting resolutions up toSXGA (1280x1024). The gm5221 leverages Genesis patented advanced image-processing technology aswell as a proven integrated ADC/PLL and…

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The TDA15021 chip was used in the Philips 15PF4121/58 TV

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TC94A70FG.CD-MP3 processor.Datasheet

TC94A70FG and TC94A73MFG are highly integrated, high-performance CD-MP3 solutions that enable playback of CD and multiple compressed audio formats from a single chip. Featuring high-quality audio output in I2S, S/PDIF…

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Chip D151802-4282

Микросхема D151802-4282 применяется в автомобиле TOYOTA 88650 в климат-контроле

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RG82865.Graphics and memory controller HUB

The Intel® 82865G and the Intel®82865GV chipsets are designed for use in desktop systems based on an Intel® Pentium® 4 processor with 512-KB L2 cache on 0.13 micron process in…

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The IT8712F is a Low Pin Count Interface-based highly integrated Super I/O. The IT8712F provides the most commonly used legacy Super I/O functionality plus the latest Environment Control initiatives, such…

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FW82801EB.I/O controller HUB 5.Datasheet

Intel® 82801EB I/O Controller Hub 5 (ICH5) / Intel® 82801ER I/O Controller Hub 5 R (ICH5R)

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ALC650.AC’97 audio codec.Datasheet

SIX CHANNEL AC’97 AUDIO CODEC - High performance CODEC with high S/N ratio (>90 dB)- 18-bit ADC and 20-bit DAC resolution- Compliant with AC’97 2.2 specifications- 18-bit stereo full-duplex CODEC…

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AR9341.IEEE 802.11 2.4 GHz wlan.Datasheet

The Atheros AR9341 is a highly integrated and feature-rich IEEE 802.11n 2x2 2.4 GHz System-on-a-Chip (SoC) for advanced WLAN platforms

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KE5M5U2452.Such a processor is used on the LCD panel board SMD "L/IN"

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This processor is used in televisions on a kinescope

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Epson TCON-8.8A-F

SMD "A45A"  "CUT" SMD "L!69" "KE" "LAUB" SMD "R12"

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STI7105-BUD.Low cost advanced HD decoding IC for STB

The STi7105 uses state of the art process technology to provide an ultra low-cost, fully featured HD AVC decoder IC. It is a highly integrated system-on-chip suitable for STB markets across all networks…

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CXA1992AR.RF signal processing servo amplifier.

The CXA1992AR is a bipolar IC developed for CD player RF signal processing and servo control. • Automatic focus bias adjustment circuit• Automatic tracking balance and gain adjustmentcircuits• RF level control…

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CXD2589Q.CD digital signal processor.Datasheet

The CXD2589Q is a digital signal processor LSI for CD players and is equipped with built-in digital filters, zero detection circuit, 1-bit DAC, and analog low-pass filter on a single chip. • Playback…

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M37705.Processor from the washing machine.Datasheet,circuit diagram

Processor M37705M... this is a sixteen-bit single-chip microcomputer with 64 pins, which can be found on the control boards of washing machines.There are several varieties of processor that differ in…

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