MD1803DFH.High voltage NPN Power transistor.Datasheet

The MD1803DFH is manufactured using Diffused Collector in Planar Technology adopting new and enhanced high voltage structure. The new MD product series show improved silicon efficiency bringing updated performance to…

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2SC5698.Transistor 800V 8A.Datasheet

CRT Display Horizontal Deflection Output Applications • High speed.• High breakdown voltage(VCBO=1500V).• High reliability(Adoption of HVP process).• Adoption of MBIT process.• On-chip damper diode.

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BF871.NPN 300V 50mA transistor.Datasheet

BF871.This is a high-voltage transistor that can be found in old television -collector-emitter 300V -collector current 50mA -transition frequency 60 MHz

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BU508.Transistor from TV 700V 8A.Datasheet

High-voltage transistor BU508.You can see such a transistor on the boards of old televisions on a kinescope.It should be borne in mind that in this transistor there may be a…

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KT838.High-voltage transistor.Datasheet,pinout

Silicon, high-voltage, mesa-planar powerful transistor kt838 npn structures were used mainly for horizontal scanning of TVs and also in switching power supplies. and released. Let's look at the main characteristics…

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3DD5023.High voltage transistor.Pinout,datasheet

High-voltage, low-frequency n-p-n transistor 3dd5023 with a resistor between the base-emitter resistance of 50 ohms and a damping diode between the collector and the emitter.Such a transistor can be found…

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