How to make a transformer balun for an antenna

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I have a short-wave transceiver that operates in a wide range of frequencies, its wave impedance is 50 Ohms. I also have a simple antenna in the form of a long 40-meter wire.Also I have grounding. But the problem is, this wire will only work well at a frequency of approximately 1800 kHz , it is here that this antenna will have a SWR of no more than two and a resistance of about 50 Ohms. How can we make this wire have a resistance closer to 50 Ohms and a good SWR in a wide frequency range? To do this, I need to make a resistance transformer. Thanks to it, I can connect the antenna to the transceiver and the transmitter power will be completely radiated into the antenna. If the transmitter resistance does not match the antenna resistance, the signal power will not completely flow into the antenna.

The transformer is wound on a ferrite ring of PC-40 grade

External diameter 25mm, internal 15mm, height 10mm

Place three 27 cm long wires side by side and wind 5 turns of this triple wire on a ferrite ring. Stranded wire with a diameter of approximately 1 mm

Secure the winding with tape

There are six contacts in total. Pin 1 is ringing up to pin 4. Pin 2 – Pin 5. Pin 3 – Pin 6. Connect all pins as shown in the figure.

Now I connected the antenna through a transformer. The vector antenna analyzer shows good antenna characteristics in the frequency range from 3.6 to 20 MHz

Now you can conduct radio communications at different frequencies