RX2 TX2 chips from the radio control model. How they work

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In inexpensive radio control models you can find two chips RX2 and TX2. RX means a chip for receiving a signal, and TX for transmitting a signal. Based on these two chips, you can control five loads via wires, infrared signal or radio.

TX2 chip in the radio remote control

RX2 chip on the radio control receiver board

Here is a diagram for transmitting five commands over the wires. By pressing the button, you turn on the load. There are five buttons and five loads in total, in this case the load is LEDs. To configure the transmitter and receiver, you need to select the resistance of the trimming resistor. This resistance is needed for the operation of the internal oscillator of the microcircuit.

This signal comes from the transmitter chip

To send a signal infrared, connect an infrared LED via a MOSFET to pin 7 of the transmitter chip. Do not connect the LED directly to pin 7; it will light constantly, even when the button is not pressed. To receive the IR signal, I used an IR photodiode. The amplifier was made using one 8050 transistor, but this is a simple amplifier, the range of which is enough for 10 centimeters

You can use these chips for radio control. Connect the radio transmitter to the TX2 chip and the radio receiver to the RX2 chip, although you can use the radio-controlled model itself for this