Repair of on-board computer TF100 from Kugoo m4

On my Kugoo m4pro electric scooter, the TF100 on-board computer stopped turning on. This happened after the wires going from the computer to the control unit became short-circuited.

I fixed the shorting wires, but the computer is still not worked. Then I disassembled the computer to determine the problem. To turn the computer, connect 5 Volt power to the wires as indicated in the photo. Please note that there are different TF100 computers and it is possible to connect in this case will be different. One way or another, after applying 5 Volts, the computer will start working

Here is a rough circuit diagram of the TF100

In my case, the NCE01P13K transistor and the 2n5551 transistor, on the body of which there is the inscription G1, were faulty.

Here is the datasheet for the NCE01P13K transistor

I replaced the transistors with ones that matched the closest parameters and the computer started working again.

How to install the throttle trigger. Hook the thread on the spring and pull the thread