SI5351.Programmable any frequency CMOS clock generator

The Si5351 is an I2 C configurable clock generator that is ideally suited for
replacing crystals, crystal oscillators, VCXOs, phase-locked loops (PLLs), and
fanout buffers in cost-sensitive applications.
Based on a PLL/VCXO + high resolution MultiSynth fractional divider
architecture, the Si5351 can generate any frequency up to 200 MHz on each of
its outputs with 0 ppm error. Three versions of the Si5351 are available to meet a
wide variety of applications.
The Si5351A generates up to 8 free-running clocks using an internal oscillator
for replacing crystals and crystal oscillators. The Si5351B adds an internal
VCXO and provides the flexibility to replace both free-running clocks and
synchronous clocks. It eliminates the need for higher cost, custom pullable
crystals while providing reliable operation over a wide tuning range. The
Si5351C offers the same flexibility but synchronizes to an external reference
clock (CLKIN)