Faraday cage for phone

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A simple and clear experiment on how a Faraday cage works. With the help of a Faraday cage you can jam radio waves or a cell phone signal. For this experiment you need aluminum foil, a metal mesh and a telephone. I used an aluminum mesh that can be taken from an air filter

Wrap the phone in aluminum foil so that the phone’s radio signal reception symbols are visible.

To jam the radio signal, you need to completely wrap the phone in foil, but then the radio signal symbols will not be visible. To make the symbols visible, take a metal mesh and wrap it around the phone. The mesh must touch the aluminum foil, otherwise the radio signal will penetrate to the phone through the holes.

First, the radio signal reception will start to disappear

After a few seconds, the radio signal will disappear completely, and on my phone there are two SIM cards from different operators. All radio signals were drowned out by the Faraday cage