Wireless chargers. What’s inside

All wireless chargers contain a signal generator and an emitting coil. I took two wireless chargers for analysis, one deppa and the other unnamed

The deppa charger contains an STM8S003 microcontroller. Why is it needed there? The fact is that this charging supports the QI protocol, which monitors the device being charged. During charging, there is a constant exchange of data with the device being charged.

The signal from the microcontroller is sent to the FD2105M mosfets gate drivers

Transistors FDS9926A

Voltage converter A6167K

How to simply check the charging operation. To do this, take ferrite and wind as many turns as possible. Connect an LED to the coil. The LED will shine if you bring it close to the charging

This is an unnamed charger. It contains a microcircuit that generates a signal and then the signal is sent to the NCE3404Y transistor