How to make high voltage ionic fan

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If you have a high voltage source, then you can assemble an ion fan on it. The wind will be created not by the blades, but by the high voltage.
I used a high voltage generator made on one transistor and a flyback transformer

Take copper or aluminum foil of sufficient thickness and cut three holes. On another piece of foil, cut out three triangles with sharp points.

Connect the two leads from the high voltage source to the holes and triangles

Place the sharp vertices of the triangles exactly in the middle of the holes at a short distance from each other

Apply high voltage and in the dark you should see high-voltage discharges on the sharp tops of the triangles. Thanks to these discharges, a wind is created that seems to fly out of the three holes

This ionic wind is capable of extinguishing the flame of a lighter at a distance of more than 20 centimeters from the holes